The Life of Rocky Marciano

The Life of Rocky Marciano

“Do it. Don’t talk about it.” –Italian Proverb

Rocky Marciano loved boxing and devoted his life to it. He always believed that real great athletes carve their way to victory. Rocky was determined and persistent. He fought 49 and didn’t lose once. It is hard to find another phenomenal boxer such as Rocky; there will never be another Rocky.

Rocky was passionate and kind to his family and friends; he was a hero and role model for young American boxers of his time. In short, Rocky’s philosophy in life was a combination of a will to win, work ethics, devotion, and skill. He knew he was the best and never took no for an answer.

Rocky’s story is the American Dream coming true. The son of Italian immigrants, he learned loyalty and modesty from his parents. Rocky reigned in the early 1950’s as the undefeated champion of the world. It was the era when the American Dream at its apex.

Rocky was an enduring symbol of the spirit of his time when Americans believed anything is possible. His fierce determination and mental strength enabled him to become a great world champion. Rocky was patriotic; he served in the Army during the World War Two. He was loyal to his friends and respected authority.

Rocky was just a kid who grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Brockton, Massachusetts, but he was destined to become a legend, from Houston to Maine and all placed in between. All loved him; he was kind to the kids, and friends with movie stars like Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope.

Rocky was a champion when boxing was very popular in America. A time when wearing the heavyweight crown carried with it far more fame, glory, and prestige than it does today. It was also a time when one’s ethnicity meant a great deal. American immigrants and their children formed their own ghettos and communities. Rocky was an enormously beloved hero to Italian Americans.

During that era, the large majority of Americans was outraged by the Mafia’s crimes. Italian Americans too had to suffer the gangster’s reputation. So Rocky along with Joe DiMaggio came to symbolize what Italians could achieve in America. Rocky was fiercely proud of his Italian heritage. He made gigantic efforts to clear this negative image.

Since Rocky’s time, there have been some great heavyweight champions, some like Muhammed Ali who had far more charisma. To this day Rocky Marciano still has his detractors who advocate that he was overrated and had no real competition.

However, ultimately, to measure any athlete’s accomplishment, you just look at his record. Rocky’s record shows that he fought 49 professional fights and won every time, his record shows that 43 of these victories Rocky knocked out his opponent. The record shows that Rocky Marciano the Italian kid from Brockton is the only undefeated heavyweight champion in boxing history.

If you want to figure out who is the heavyweight champion of all time. Despite detractors, Rocky Marciano’s record speaks for itself.